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On the countdown

“If I made you some bacon, would that cheer you up?”
“No, not in the mood for bacon.”
“What if I took my shirt off?”
“Not in the mood for that either.”
“What are you in the mood for?”
“Nothing. I’m going back to sleep. I wish I hadn’t woken up.”

He goes. [...] more here


On the first of five (or more than that)

Staring backwards down the tunnel from which I had just officially emerged made me feel even more tired… more here


On a grown up Christmas wish

I know, I don’t usually ask you for anything, seeing as how I rarely do anything for you, but if you can spot me this year, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll sing at your elves’ birthday parties if you like. Or I’ll just sing “Here Comes Santa Claus” extra loud on the subway platform on Christmas Eve. Just let me know in advance. more here

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On hurricanes and marriage counselors

Buses and subways were shut down, and everyone was advised to stay inside. My new apartment does not have good cell phone reception. Nor does the 3G work on my husband’s android phone. Of course, we still don’t own a computer and certainly don’t have internet access. The television that so long was the bane of my existence was left behind in one or other of the last two moves. We never did have a radio. While we didn’t lose power, we were still not only land locked, but also disconnected. more here

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On business partners and other useless things

“Yeah, pretty much. It would have been much easier for my guitarist to do it for me, but trying to get him to do anything is like, well, trying to get you to do anything.” more here

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On conversations with rodents pt 2 (the birthday edition)

Hamster: The dog told me it was your biiiiiiirthday.
Husband: It is my birthday.
Hamster [squealing]: Happy birthday happy birthday!
Husband: Thank you, hamster. more here

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Music Monday: You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me

I woke up this morning already singing. more here


On dizzy camels

Sometimes I get dizzy. A droning, buzzing sound creeps up on me. The previously silent room gets suddenly unbearably loud. Then it occurs to me that I’m upside down. Except that I’m not upside down. I have only dropped my head back halfway. I have hardly begun the posture I know I’ve gone into a hundred times… more here

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On poison

I lay in bed in savasana, pretending not to want to cover my eyes. This is not how I normally sleep, but I was trying to lessen the feeling of my right hand falling asleep on me. Only the right one. I must have been lying on it badly. Savasana feels foreign in bed. I [...] more here

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On grocery stores and whorehouses

The Fairway of Harlem is a strange and wondrous and slightly frightening place. The first time I went there was a few weeks ago. I was alone and slightly tipsy. The vegetables got fresh with me. “Don’t worry,” they said. “Your husband doesn’t have to know.” I don’t even remember what I had gone for, [...] more here

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