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Thursday, Dec/13/2012 11:46am

On a practical application of junior high level math (and other fun family stories)

Uncle: What I’m saying is that these kids are smart kids, and if you’re smart, you should study math and the hard sciences in school.
Mother: I didn’t study hard sciences in school. Are you saying I’m not smart?
Uncle: I didn’t say that.
Mother: Yes you did! You’re saying I’m not smart. That’s what you just said.
Uncle: You’re twisting my words.
Mother: [Husband]! Your brother just said I wasn’t smart! Aren’t you going to defend me?
Father: Consider yourself defended.
Sister: Listen you… Uncle! You don’t get to say that my mother isn’t smart!
Mother: At least somebody is defending me!
Uncle: I didn’t say your mother was not smart.
Sister: Actually, though, in defense of Uncle…
Mother: Don’t defend him!
Sister: No, no, in defense of Uncle, he didn’t say you weren’t smart, because the converse of a conditional statement is not a logical conclusion.
Me: What are you talking about?
Sister: “If p then q” doesn’t imply “if q then p.”
Me: But wait, what is p and what is q? The statement was “If you’re smart you’ll study hard sciences,” right? So p is “you’re smart” and q is “you’ll study hard sciences,” right?
Sister: Yeah, but what I’m saying is–
Me: No, wait. The contrapositive is a logical conclusion of a conditional.
Sister: Yeah, but the converse is not.
Me: No, but the contrapositive, so flip those statements and negate them to get the contrapositive and you get “if not q then not p” which would be “If you don’t study hard sciences then you’re not smart.”
Uncle: That’s not what I said!
Me: That is what you said.
Girlfriend: Did we just take it back to sequential?
Me: I know what I’m talking about; I used to tutor this subject.
Sister: I revoke my defense of you, Uncle.
Me: You’ve just been owned by a music major. How do you feel about that?

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  1. I wish I belonged to your family.
    My recent post Dear Santa, Not that I Need to Tell You Any of This…

  2. Are you sure? We’re all a bunch of nutcases over here.


    Happy Holidays! I just love it when family gets together, don't you?
    Where's my wine…

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love that!!! SO funny! I have a Bachelor in Music too!!!! We music people are SOOOOOOO SMART! ;) visiting from SITS!


    I love having intellectual conversations with my family! it makes me feel so smart!
    My recent post My Battle with Small Appliances

  6. Dying with laughter over here!!! This sounds like quite a few discussions had within my circle of friends. Thanks for the chuckle :)

  7. Well I say if you're smart, you're smart.
    My recent post Me and My Girls

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