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Tuesday, Oct/23/2012 1:07pm

On the upper west side

I don’t know whether to feel nostalgic or curious, now walking around what I used to know as “the other side of the Park.” It was beautiful and exotic; almost as unattainable as the Fifth avenue architecture and Madison avenue shops and restaurants, but with a certain mysterious “otherness.” It was not a necessary part of my route from southeast Queens where I grew up to the upper east side where I went to high school, and as a silly, curious child, I was fascinated by that which required exploration. I used to make myself late for class by wandering across the park. The more I explored it, the stronger became my resolution to one day live on the upper west side.

Well, now I do live here. I have been here almost two weeks and will be here maybe two weeks more. This would not be nearly enough time to chew, swallow, and digest such a multifaceted neighborhood had I not given myself a head start in high school. Of course, at the time, I only saw one face, and that, through the eyes of a child. I accepted its warmth and glamour without questioning what made it so warm and glamorous. I marveled at the painted face that is Central Park West. I rarely wondered why Columbus Avenue was not as pretty. I accepted that Julliard, Lincoln Center, Laguardia High, and Martin Luther King High all occupied the same street corner without considering the socioeconomic contradiction this implied.

I never, as a teenager, noticed how many distressed and homeless people there are in the general vicinity of 96th and Broadway. I see them now that I am an adult and now that I am one of them, living in distress in one of the more glamorous parts of Manhattan. Now I see clearly how the cost of living far exceeds the means for living for many people here. I’m told often of people getting an “awesome deal” on their apartment/studio/room on the upper west side. I, myself, live in a homeless shelter, where I pay nothing. The nearest grocery store is the Westside Market. I can’t afford to shop there.

Westside Market — photo taken from

I realize now that I don’t know and have never known the upper west side. I’ve been blinded by it more than once, but I’ve never known it.

Nor will I, most likely. I’m leaving soon.

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  1. It's amazing what we see around us on a daily basis and where life can end up taking us…and how we grow and change through it all. It's quite a journey.
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  2. insightful–and so very sad. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

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