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Tuesday, Apr/03/2012 12:39pm

Giveaway: cheesecake!

The first time I did this it was a marginal success, and so here I am again, back with Classic’s second cheesecake giveaway! For whomever wins, I’ll make a homemade cheesecake, possibly sent in a cold cereal box, but I make no promises on that. Last time, it was a hot cereal box, so who knows?

To enter, just follow the instructions on the widget. Thanks for playing along, folks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I can't enter for the cheesecake because I'm on hiatus from desserts for a month, but I stopped by to chat. A few days ago I was in the car with my husband and we heard Gregory Porter for the first time and we both fell in love. This morning I said to my husband, "I bet you that Classic knows him" and then Bipolar Diva left a comment on my blog saying, "ClassicNYer knows him. Just a FYI" The internets is so strange because I know you, but if I passed you on the street I wouldn't know you. Anyway, just had to stop by and tell you that you had been in my thoughts.

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  2. I wonder if I could tempt you into entering by reminding you that Gregory Porter loved my cheesecakes?

    Also, it depends on what city we were in. If we were in San Diego, for example, you'd know exactly who I was, because I'd be the chick who looks like she's "not from around here."


    Cheese. Cake! Cheese. Cake! How do you even ship such a thing? You are one brave woman.
    My recent post For the Love of Glamorous Lashes

  4. I've made it work at least once.

    Danielle T

    i looove chocolate or raspberry (or a combo), what a fun giveaway :)

  6. I HATE raspberry but anything else would be great!

  7. raspberry

  8. [...] on: 04/10/2012 Open to: United States You can enter at: Classic NYC Story We highly recommend these active giveaways and events: Vacation To The Bahamas GiveawaySoda Stream [...]

    kelly nicholson

    i want vanilla

    annette campbell

    Vanilla or strawberry would be great

  11. What a yummy giveaway and how exceptional that you make it yourself, wow thanks for the opportunity. __My favorite flavor would either be Caramel or Chocolate or even better if combined. _MMmmmmmm!!!! __I honestly love any and all cheesecake though. So does my soulmate/bff husband Todd. : D_We would be VERY appreciative grateful recipients for SURE. : D__MANIFESTMIRACLES@LIVE.COM

    Judy Charger

    Strawberry cheesecake is the best!!!! Thank you for the giveaway

  13. Heaven = Cheesecake. Just think how wonderful if you could offer me a little taste of heaven!!

  14. I would want a classic cheesecake

  15. any kind of CHOCOLATE!!

  16. My favorite cheesecake will be easy, love cherry – cheese cake. Really good.

    Rachael Henzman

    Vanilla for me please!


    If I won.. surprise me :) I love trying new kinds and I'm not allergic to anything!

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