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Friday, Apr/26/2013 8:49pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Friends

are we friends enough
for me to miss you?
and tell you? more

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Friday, Apr/19/2013 1:25pm

Poetry Corner Friday: songwriter

when words and music flow
in an endless loop
from hand to pen
pen to page… more

Friday, Jan/25/2013 10:43am

Poetry Corner Friday: Green tea

I haven’t figured out
the secret
at the bottom of a mug
of green tea… more

Friday, Dec/28/2012 11:30am

Poetry Corner Friday: she sleeps (pt 2)

She’s innocent when she sleeps . . . more

Friday, Nov/30/2012 1:51pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Hiding

I know where you can’t get to me . . . more


Friday, Nov/09/2012 11:52am

Poetry Corner Friday: Meditation

Maybe one day my life will be this moment… more


Friday, Oct/19/2012 2:03pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Girls

they sing offkey.
nobody stops them.
we stop ourselves instead. more

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Friday, Sep/14/2012 11:59pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Newcomer

It will be my turn to speak later. . . more

Friday, Sep/07/2012 11:55pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Blues of the Butterfly

Fluttering about… with nowhere to alight
I watch as it all fades to white… more

Friday, Aug/31/2012 9:47pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Brief conversation with a stranger

Maybe you’re in trouble now
but I’m harmless.
I swear it. more