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Wednesday, May/29/2013 12:38am

On having done something bad

But it was sometime after that. Sometime between that moment and the moment in which I called my best friend and said “I’ve done something bad,” a bad thing had happened. The irony is that I don’t know what “something bad” means. Maybe that’s why I can’t pinpoint the bad moment so easily now…. more

Sunday, May/19/2013 11:04am

On songs and sunken cheeks

He becomes more and more unhappy as I watch. He straightens up and does a few simple dance moves. I keep watching. I don’t think anyone else is watching him. I don’t think anyone else is listening. more

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Wednesday, May/15/2013 12:33am

On practicing drunkeness

The more problems I have the less claim any individual one has to my soul, right? It works like a charm until each of those problems comes to the separate conclusion that I am the toxic one and they all back away slowly. And then it occurs to me that I have nowhere to go, that I’ve drunk way too much alcohol, and that I haven’t had a plan in weeks. more

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Friday, Apr/26/2013 8:49pm

Poetry Corner Friday: Friends

are we friends enough
for me to miss you?
and tell you? more

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Saturday, Apr/20/2013 2:58pm

On thirty seven cents

Sometime during the show, the two gentlemen sitting closest to me get up and leave. Somehow, my thirty seven cents are left on the couch where they were sitting. I look for the tip jar but cannot find it, so I put my change back in my purse, wondering if I’ve hit a new low. more

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Friday, Apr/19/2013 1:25pm

Poetry Corner Friday: songwriter

when words and music flow
in an endless loop
from hand to pen
pen to page… more

Monday, Apr/01/2013 2:00am

On the man I keep meeting

Soaked in rum and drained of money, operation get-out-more plods along its task of bringing exposure to new problem-people and reintroduction to old ones. I don’t care how asinine they are, as long as there are lots of them… more

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Tuesday, Mar/26/2013 10:33pm

On waiting

Tomorrow I won’t be waiting for a phone call. Nor will I be on Thursday. Today, for lack of any better thing to do, I’ve been waiting for a phone call. Or waiting for Wednesday. Whichever comes first. more

Friday, Mar/22/2013 6:38pm

On the open mic

I don’t feel anything when i think of this open mic. I feel something when i think of my guitarist. Or at least, my mind begins to take off in the general direction of obsession, and i think that might be the same as “feeling something.” Or close enough. more

Thursday, Mar/21/2013 11:09am

On the equinox

At least, that would be implied by the vernal equinox, which was yesterday. The vernal equinox is the first day of the astrological new year. I’m always looking for an excuse to start over. Afehyia Pa. more